Fresh from the kitchen garden!

It was always a dream of ours to start a kitchen garden with a herb garden and orchard. Twelve years ago we started with a large potager in the Flevopolder that we kept for three years, but with the restaurant it became too much work. In 2010 we moved to the beautiful Beemster, where we bought a house with a large piece of land where we grow all our vegetables and fruits!

Your plate, our kitchen garden

Fifteen years ago we stayed in a small cottage in PĂ©rigord with a beautiful kitchen garden, it inspired us to rent a piece of land at the Flevopolder to start our own kitchen garden. Gartine did not yet exist and after a while we struggled with a surplus of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
The idea of starting a small lunch restaurant was a dream of us after working in restaurants for years. As if it was supposed to be so, we could use these vegetables, fruits and herbs for our new to be opened restaurant.

We have experiences a great appreciation from our guest for the taste and time we put in the sowing and reaping

Serving a tasteful variety of forgotten vegetables, fresh fruit and diverse herbs as ramsons and sweet cicely.
Although we had great pleasure in doing so, our kitchen garden at the Flevopolder took too much energy because of the traveling back and forth.
Getting up at five in the morning and driving to the Flevopolder at seven in the evening, sowing, watering and hoeing was too intensive.
We decided to look for a new adventure and search for a place closer to Amsterdam where we could live and work at the same place. We bought a beautiful house and plot of land at the Beemster.
This place is now our home for already nine years and the place where we work every day with a lot of love. Getting up early in the morning, every day we sow, harvest, pick our own grown flowers and serve a beautiful peaceful place for insects, bees and butterflies.

A small paradise we want to share with our guests!